Is supported shader debugging on Quadro M2000M?

Hello everyone,
I have a trouble.
I can’t debug shaders via nsight. Process has started correctly via “Start Graphics Debugging”. Then “Ctrl+Z” + “space” -> Api Inspector-> Prorgam -> VS -> source-> set break point-> Reusme. But nothing is happened.
May be I use incorrect configuration?
Windows 7,
Card: Quadro M2000M
Nvidia driver 441.22
Visual Studio: 2017 (15.9.30)
Nsight: 2019.4

The first question: It is possible to debug shaders on my hardware?
Can updating software (Windows to 10 and nsight to latest) fix it?
If problem with hardware, device with Quadro RTX 3000 or 4000 can help me?

Thanks a lot for everyone.