Is the Jetson Nano board only manufactured in China?

My understanding is that the Jetson Nano is also made in Taiwan. If that’s the case, does anyone know how to specifically source Taiwan-manufactured boards?


Please check Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

@kayccc - Yes, I’ve checked that document. I think the issue is that I’m specifically interested in the Jetson Nano. It says that the Jetson Nano is made in Taiwan and in China. There is not a origin specific SKU for the nano. Does anyone know how to source a Jetson Nano from Taiwan?

Please contact with local distributor.

  1. I have contacted the suppliers they say they have no control over which boards they have and at the moment they all have Chinese boards.

  2. Even if I were to use an origin specific SKU (like 900-13767-0000-0A0) NVIDIA lists one supplier for the US. That supplier claims they do not carry 900-13767-0000-0A0 manufactured in the USA. They only carry 900-13767-0000-000 which is made in China.

So, I have contacted the local distributor. Is there a supplier outside the US I should contact to order either Taiwan-made Jetson Nanos or US-made Jetson Orin NX 16BG boards?

If the FAQ lists Origin for a particular Part Number as X or Y, there is no way to order just X or just Y for that PN. Example: Jetson Nano module has Origin “China or Taiwan.”

We have set up a separate PN for a few of those modules so you can be sure of the Origin. However, those PNs have specific terms of sale: they are built to order and there is a Minimum Order Quantity. This is why you need to “contact your local distributor” to initiate the purchase.

Any Jetson distributor can arrange that order for you. It’s a problem if you call the distributor and the representative doesn’t understand how to place such an order. Give it another try and report back if still no luck – we’ll reach out from the other end if needed.


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