Jetson TX2 country of origin


With things tightening down regarding Chinese made components for US government work, does anyone know where Jetson TX2 boards are manufactured? Is the Tegra X2 made exclusively in Taiwan and/or South Korea?
I’m also wondering if maybe there is a variant without Chinese components. Anybody know?

Thank you

I performed extensive research on this over the past year to prove that Skydio were using Chinese parts in their drones. I found that the NVIDIA TX2 is in fact assembled in China.

They do contain parts from Taiwan and South Korea, as well as China (the EMMC by SanDisk actually says China on it) but older models of the SoM have SK Korean EMMC storage on them.

Now as of September 2021 NVIDIA did implement a second assembly facility in Taiwan for the NVIDIA TX2 so in addition to the BYD China facility they also use a Taiwan facility that I can’t recall the name of.

If you search for COO and change order or country of origin and filter for TX2 you should be able to locate the documents I’m referencing. Good luck, Rob

Jetson TX2 is not exclusively made in Taiwan. Some have China origin and some have Taiwan origin. See this PCN.

Thank you for the response. Is there any way we can purchase Jetson boards made in Taiwan as opposed to China? Do you know if that is an option?

The US Government is really starting to tighten the screws and Chinese made Jetson boards may be banned for government use.

We don’t have a Taiwan specific Part Number for Jetson TX2.

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