Is there a registry/directory listing of all the nvidia nano images available for download? Such as Tegra210_Linux_R32.2.3_aarch64.tbz2

I like to build the images for my devices using ansible, and only install the things I need making for reproducible deployments.

I use a process similar to this:

But the image I have is quite old:

I would like to get a newer one, but don’t want to go through the installing of the SDK and digging through there to find the list if they even have something like that available.

Is there a spot, maybe with directory listing, where I can navigate the different paths to the files similar to those? Or can someone give me an update url from Nvidia that supports both the 4GB Nano and 2GB Nano? Unsure if they are compatible or not.




No, they are not compatible to each other. They are using different sdcard image.

We put the sdcard image link here.

You can also download latest driver package from this link too.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I am not looking for the developer kit sd card image with all the extras installed. Just looking for the base ubuntu image like the one I listed, so I can control the dependencies on the unit. I didn’t personally find that image listed above, but did use it to build images for the 4gb model. Since the 2gb model is out, I need the base ubuntu image equivalent , for r32.4.4 . We are not using a desktop interface, and very specific on what can be installed for security reasons.

If you can give me a link to the base image like I had posted, that would be super helpful.


We have ubuntu root file system on download center.

Thanks Wayne - I believe that is what I was looking for.