Downloading JetPack SDK SD Card Image Method for Jetson Nano Developer

I visit the download page for SDK but as I can see only Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit SDK and JETSON AGX ORIN DEVELOPER KIT are available I don’t know if the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit SDK Image will work on Jetson Nano Developer Kit and vice versa?

Hi abbanso,

I can see the SD card image of nano devkit in DLC.$product,jetson_nano

What you’re probably looking at is a image of Jetpack5, which doesn’t support nano.

If you have an ubuntu host and don’t just work with windows PC, you can get everything you want through SDK Manager or this link.

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okay this is the first time using jetsonPack nano and I only need ubuntu OS not window so which one should i go for ?
the first link that you have sent to me or the second link


The Jetson Nano is supported until JetPack 4.6.3 (Jetson Linux 32.7.3) right now. So the most recent version for the Jetson Nano that you are available to use is that one. The SD card image can be downloaded at: There are also instructions on how to write the SD card image in a Linux environment (Ubuntu in your case) here:

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Thank you!

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