Can I use same Jetpack in both Jetson Xavier nx and Jetson nano 2GB?

I am having Jetpack 4.4 developer preview of Jetson Xavier nx. Can I use that in my Jetson Nano 2GB?
If not then why?
PLease tell me as soon as possible.

Hi @vashisht.akshat.rn.04, JetPack 4.4.1 was the first version of JetPack to support Jetson Nano 2GB - hence there is no version of JetPack 4.4 Developer Preview for Nano 2GB.

I am asking that if I insert the SD card of Jetson Xavier nx into Jetson Nano 2GB or Jetson Nano 2GB to Jetson Xavier nx. Will it work in both the cases or not?

The sdcard image for Xavier NX will not work when it is applied on jetson nano.

That is why we release different files.

If you ever study the boot flow and those boot components, you will know why it cannot work.

Honestly, you should read document more. All your questions/topics filed so far reveal the fact you didn’t have enough concept of the difference between these Jetsons.