Compatibility of 2GB and 4GB version


Would like to find out which version of JetPack and which Jetson device is this file ( meant to be used on? Will it be useable on a Jetson Xavier NX?

Also, is JetPack for Nano 2GB useable on a 4GB version?

The SW image for Nano 4GB and 2GB are different, it can’t be used on Xavier NX (it has its own SW image)
May I know where you found the

JetPack can be used to install SDKs and reflash SW images for all Jetson Platform, please be sure to select the correct devkit as target to do the reflash.

From this, can I infer that the Nano 2GB JetPack version is NOT compatible with Nano 4GB JetPack version?
The situation is that I am trying to use But I only have Nano 4GB and Xavier NX, so I am wondering if I can use this 2GB version (I am assuming) on a Nano 4GB

May I know where you found the

this is from DuckieBot DB21M

All Jetson modules and developer kits are supported by JetPack SDK -
JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer
They’re same version, but different SW image for different platform.

That can’t work.

For your Nano 4GB or NX, you can use JetPack to flash the SW image, you can find all relevant images, user guide from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

That can’t work.
Thank you!

I think I am misunderstanding some terms here. What I meant by JetPack should be Image instead. Thanks!