Can we mount SDK on window or ubuntu without any hardware

I have ordered jetson nano but it will take time to deliver. So, till then can’t I directly install that Jetson Nano SDK on my PC and try using it directly without any Nano Board just practice purpose?

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For the microSD card version of Nano (the dev kit) there is an image you can download and use Etcher to apply that image to the microSD. Then the Nano itself, upon boot, can use ordinary Ubuntu “apt-get” commands to install optional packages, e.g., CUDA.

You could download the image and practice adding this to the microSD card before the Jetson arrives. The list of various JetPack releases is here (you might need to log in there and hit the link a second time):
…and within this search for “Download Jetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card image.” There are documents as well, e.g., for using Etcher.

The eMMC model requires JetPack/SDK Manager.

You can use JetPack/SDK Manager with the microSD card model, but it differs in options compared to the eMMC model.

The installation of the JetPack/SDKM tools make Ubuntu 18.04 mandatory. If you use SDKM, then you cannot do this from Windows.

Thanks for the help linuxdev,
But I just want to know that can I install SDK on windows or Ubuntu directly without any Nano Board for normal use>
Thank You

You can install JetPack/SDKM on an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC without the Jetson being present. This will not work from Windows.

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