JetPack 4.6.2 installed via SDK Manager, logs show successful installation, how to boot?

Hi, I have used SDK Manager on Ubuntu 18.04 to connect to a Jetson Nano model P3450 (off circuit board) powered by the barrel connector with a 3A supply and J48 jumpered, the recovery mode is on with FRC jumpered on J40 block, and logs are attached for a successfully 4.6.2 install. There is no microSD card installed in the microSD slot. How do I now boot up into Linux? Thanks! (168.0 KB)

I found the answer - the Jetson Nano I have is a 4GB board, and you just download the standard (not 2GB version) 4.6.1 jetpack image, burn it to a 32GB microSD card and boot up with keyboard, mouse, and HDMI monitor to complete the install. Thanks.

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For your original question, if you are using a sdcard jetson nano module, you still need to put a sdcard on your jetson even when using sdkmanager to flash.

SDKM will erase the sdcard and install the OS to it.

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