Installation failed on Jetson Nano Dev Kit 4GB with image on sd card

I have a jetson nano dev kit which is 4GB when I install with Jetpack 4.6.1 I get an error problem, I have seen various information on the forum by changing the Jetpack version to 4.6 but it doesn’t affect the installation it still fails.

I didn’t expect t that even Nano 4GB will also hit this issue. It seems you are the first one.

Could you share the uart log under such error case?

Do I need to make a TTL to Usb cable to run it?

Yes, that is required.

Is there any other way to fix this? because I don’t have such a cable

The log dump is just to provide the info so that we can know why this issue happened.

If you just want to fix the issue, you can directly flash it with sdkmanager.

I got the same issue with my Jetson Nano 2GB, I tried already with different computer and laptop and two different micro SD Charts without success.

Try to flash with sdkmanager. Sdcard image does not help here.

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I have a jetson nano with 16Gb emmc memory and it’s not enough to install some libraries, and I intend to use the sd card as the boot option

Hi @nantideh4,

Then this issue is totally not related to sdcard image. If your “carrier board” has a sdcard slot, then it is not for "sdcard image’. Sdcard image is only for sdcard module.

You should clarify this from the beginning but not just posting a picture.

Also, if you aren’t making that carrier board, please contact the board vendor for help. Default sdkmanager does not support extra sdcard slot.

@Silvan_student please do not follow up this issue anymore. This is not same case as yours.

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