Jetson Nano 4GB stuck on splash screen with Jetpack 4.6.1


I have a 4GB Nano. I am trying to use the Jetpack 4.6.1 SD card image

from this page: JetPack SDK 4.6.1 | NVIDIA Developer

However, when I create an SD card and boot from it, the Nano gets stuck on the splash screen and does not make progress beyond that. Can you please help?

I have looked at the forums and have not found anything related (for clarity, I have a 4GB Nano and am using the 4GB image).


Please try to reflash your Jetson Nano via the SDK manager again.
Download NVIDIA SDK Manager

Follow the steps at Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager.

Can I use the SD card image directly without the SDK manager? Why does this not work, and is there any notification I can do to the image to make it work? Requiring SDK manager to update the image every time is very high overhead, and will make it hard to update the image when there is a new version.

I would appreciate any responses to this - it would be significantly more useful if the SD card image worked as advertised, or if there is a simple tweak to make it do so.

If you want us to analyze the exact error happened on your board now, you can dump the log from uart console.

There is no actual solution for it until we check the log. I mean “Stuck in boot logo” does not really represent any exact error. There are lots of reason that may cause such problem.

Flashing the sdkmanager should make it work anyway in case this is still a software issue, if you don’t want to dump the log.

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