Booting issue

Hi Team,

My jetson dev kit is booting through the SDK manager, Kindly help me resolve or figure out the issue.

I am attching the error log files for your reference. (330.3 KB)

What’s the L4T version?
I didn’t see anything useful in the log.

Its R32.7.1(Jetpack 4.6.1)

Check the log, please.
I don’t really know what the issue is.

Hi Dave,
I am trying flash my Jetson Nano 4GB dev kit with Jetpack 4.6.1. unfortunately its not booting. So I exported the logfiles to seek help from nvidia dev forum.

Can you please guide me to resolve this issue in anyway?

Have you checked the log?
It doesn’t even contain any flashing log in JetPack_4.6.1_Linux.
Or dump the serial console log when the device fails to boot up.

Ok dave, let me check and get back to you.