Booting Jetson nano without SD Card but with USB

i was just wondering if i could boot fresh image without the SD card

I was cleaning space for my nano when it suddenly occurred an error on the boot up that my board fail, first it was when I accidently over removed some important files and after that it just got stuck on bootup so I was trying to have a fresh start with the nano but don’t have sd card reader available


you can select your USB drive as the storage device when flashing with SDK Manager:

What if I don’t connect the jetson into a host pc would it still be possible?


that’s not possible. You have to connect your device to the host PC so SDK Manager knows what is going to be flashed.

You could refer to this post.

Incidentally, the equivalent of the BIOS plus boot software is in the QSPI memory of the module itself. To some extent this includes something similar to a “pointer” to where to look for the rootfs. If you don’t update that, then the boot code won’t look in the correct location. Possibly you could put the SD card in and set up the extlinux.conf to chain load to the USB storage, but I doubt this is what you want.

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