Cannot flash jetson Nano

I am trying to boot my jetson nano, which has not an sd -card. It’s a waveshare product which they don’t answer to my emails. I tried to do with sdk manager manually, but it popped me this message
Please is someone can help I am really desperate to make it work, I cannot found another jetson nano with the sd card to order it and be done it with the installation.
I have been using virtual machine linux ubuntu 18.04 (Linux jetpack 4.6.1)

many thanks.

my product which have bought

Do you know that you have to put jetson into recovery mode so that the flash process can start?

yes. I have follow these steps:

I have short circuit between gnd and FC red via jumper

Is your host machine able to see it in lsusb?

yes yes

SDKManger does not support VM

Then, I should eg in my old laptop. The correct linux 18.04 and start again the procedure and hopefully will run smoothly?

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