Jetson Nano Failed to start Modem Manager and some other errors


Jetson Nano was working smoothly with Ubuntu 18.04, but after installing it on 20.04 yesterday, I was asked to restart and I did so, but after starting, I received this error and I could not fix it in any way. I could not find a solution in the forums or on the internet, can you please help?

We don’t officially support 20.04 on Jetson Nano.
Please go back to 18.04.

OK, but now I can’t boot and when I install the ubuntu 18.04 image file to the SD card, I get the same errors. Should I reset to factory settings? If so how can I do this? I am using the Jetson Nano Rev2 model.

Re-flash with SDK Manager.

Which SDK Manager version should I use? Can I get a link for the Jetson Nano Rev2 model?

What really matters is the Ubuntu version of the host PC.
Jetson Nano can only be flashed using 16.04 and 18.04.

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