Run the JetPack SDK Manager on Jetson Nano

Hi, how can I run the SDK Manager on the Nano? The setup file is for amd64 but the nano uses arm64 system.

SDK Manager is never run on a Jetson. This is a front end to flash software (and to downloading and installing extra packages like CUDA). The actual flash software must run on a Linux desktop PC architecture. The reason this is done is that embedded systems do not have a BIOS and cannot self-flash.

I have just used sdkmanager for the first time about a day ago so take my answer with a grain of salt… sdkmanager runs on a separate host system from the Nano. I installed Ubuntu 18.04LTS onto a 64 bit x86 based PC and installed sdkmanager on that machine. I then plugged the Nano into the x86 machine via USB (USB-type A at the PC end and micro-USB at the Nano end - note the Nano needs to be powered via the DC jack!) and used sdkmanager on the x86 machine to rebuild my Nano.