Is there a Specification for QSFP+ Socket on "ConnectX ® -5 VPI Card used in Ethernet Mode" available ??

I want to connect “ConnectX ® -5 VPI Card used in Ethernet Mode” with my Terasic FPGA-Board “DE5a-Net” with QSFP+ Cable.

My PC shows no connection to" Mellanox ConnectX-5 Adapter".

To check, if interface is compatibe, i need all Signals with Frequencies of the QSFP+ socket from “ConnectX ® -5 VPI Card used in Ethernet Mode”.

Can someome provide me this Information ?

The Signals of Terasic “DE5a-Net” Board are:

///////// QSFPA /////////



input QSFPA_MOD_PRS_n,

output QSFPA_MOD_SEL_n,


output QSFPA_RST_n,

// input [3:0] QSFPA_RX_p,

input [1:0] QSFPA_RX_p,

inout QSFPA_SCL,

inout QSFPA_SDA,

// output [3:0] QSFPA_TX_p,

output [1:0] QSFPA_TX_p,

Kind Regards

Gerhard Quirmbach

Hi Gerhard,

If I understand correctly, the issue you are facing is “My PC shows no connection to Mellanox ConnectX-5 Adapter”. Is this correct?

Can you please verify the P/N of the cable used? Following is the Release Notes which lists the supported cables. Can you please verify if you are using one of the listed cables?

In addition, please provide the PSID of the card, Driver version and FW version.



Hi Gerhard,

It would be great if you could validate if the board is compatible with the card. This information is provided by the board vendor. Also, if you can validate list of supported cables:

Also, please ensure if you are running the latest driver and firmware version.