Do all adapter cards (specially MCX515A-GCAT) support all cables and SFP listed in Mellanox ConnectX®-5 Firmware Release Notes?

Good morning. We have bought a MCX515A-GCAT with ConnectX-5 chip and I only find the “Product brief” sheet. Is there any other one specification sheet? That brief sheet says “interface type: QSFP28”. We wanted to know if the card is compatible with other QSPF modules, and in other answer is said that one can take a look to Mellanox ConnectX®-5 Firmware Release Notes. Is that correct?

Hello Alberto,

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Yes, in the latest RN of the f/w you will have the full list of supported cables and transceivers for the full ConnectX-5 family of VPI and Ethernet adapters.

You can find the previous supported cables list as well based on the archive RN’s

Be aware that every ConnectX adapter has its own support cable list, mentioned in their respective f/w RN.

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Thanks, Martijn,

so those compatible transceiver with form factor SFP28 or SFP+ listed in RN of the f/w can be plugged in card’s QSFP28 ports using an adapter such as NVIDIA MAM1Q00A-QSA28 one, isn’t it? Without no further configuration…

Besides, that card will be connected to a Open Ethernet Switch SN2100, so I was wondering of there is a similar list of cables and transceivers compatible, since in the manual I can’t find it. Anyway, I guess that SN2100’s compatibility will be higher to any Mellanox QSFP28, QSFP+ and QSFP pluggable, isn’t it?

Thank you.