MCX516A-CDAT Compatibility with QSFP28 Line Switches

I can’t seem to find a compatibility matrix for the MCX516A-CDAT ConnectX-5 cards, showing what third-party QSFP28 switches they are usable with. Does anyone have some links? We are trying to pick up various switches to test solutions with but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information around. For example, “Edge-Core” AS7512-32X QSFP28 100GBE switches would seem to be compatible from their datasheets, but it would be great to have something official in hand from Nvidia or Mellanox to work from.

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For ConnectX5 adapters, on the page for firmware downloads, you can find for each firmware version the release notes documentation. In this document, there is a compatibility table of tested and supported equipment for the adapter and specific firmware version. As well as for 3rd party vendors (last topic in the page).

To navigate to the release notes document, start from the firmware downloads page:

Choose the firmware version,then choose the adapter model, then PSID and below the Download/Documentation column, there is a link for the release notes documentation.

Direct link for the release notes section:

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Nvidia support

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Was kind of hoping for a more exhaustive list of hardware to be on that chart (you’d think every 100 GbE switch maker would have been happy to send Nvidia samples for testing), but it is what it is. I’ll make it work!