ConnectX-7 Firmware 28.37.1014 download for MCX715105AS-WEAT

According to the release notes for the ConnectX-7 firmware V28.37.1014, it does support the MCX715105AS-WEAT card. However I cannot find it in downloads. Does anyone have a working download link for it?

mlxup does not show any new firmware available:

$ sudo ./mlxup -d 0000:41:00.0
Querying Mellanox devices firmware …

Device #1:

Device Type: ConnectX7
Part Number: MCX715105AS-WEA_Ax
Description: NVIDIA ConnectX-7 HHHL Adapter Card; 400GbE (default mode) / NDR IB; Single-port QSFP112; PCIe 5.0 x16 with x16 PCIe extension option; Crypto Disabled; Secure Boot Enabled
PSID: MT_0000000856
PCI Device Name: 0000:41:00.0
Base MAC: 946dae674a6c
Versions: Current Available
FW 28.36.1004 N/A
PXE 3.6.0901 N/A
UEFI 14.29.0014 N/A

Status: No matching image found

Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA Community.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however, this Part Number in use is an Engineering Sample and hence, unfortunately, there isn’t new releases for the firmware on this HCA.

We have rectified the Firmware Release Notes of 28.37.1014 by removing the Part Number from the list and the same is available at → Firmware Compatible Products - NVIDIA Docs


Thats unfortunate. Do you have any idea when there will be a retail card / firmware available?
This and the previous WEAT card have been in engineering sample status for over a year now.
When can we expect the single port 400G QSFP112 card to hit retail status?

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