Is there an nvidia-fabricmanager-460=460.32.03 available?

I tried installing the latest nvidia-driver-460=460.32.03 from the Ubuntu graphics PPA. However the latest nvidia-fabricmanager(460.27.04) from the Nvidia Cuda repo does not work with this driver. systemctl status fabricmanager reports that there is a failure to obtain a handle on the nvidia driver. Is there an nvidia-fabricmanager with version 460.32.03 that I can download in order to make it work with the new nvidia-driver. My system is 8 x A100 and the GPUs do not work without fabricmanager.
Thanks in advance,

The Tesla drivers have a different release pattern so you can’t really use the graphics driver releases if you need the fabric-manager.

Thanks generix. I will remove the Ubuntu graphics PPA and stick to the Cuda repo (the link in your post) since I need fabric manager.