Is there any detailed documentation about the changes to rtcpu.img

After testing various versions, we found that only in the R35.3.1 and R35.4.1 versions of the test, there will be two multi-camera bugs
1、R35.3.1 and R35.4.1 cannot open more than 12 video devices, but version R35.1.0 can open more than 16 video devices.
2、R35.3.1 and R35.4.1 :In the same VI unit, if the device exceeds a certain throughput, when the CPU core problem exceeds 60°, the image acquisition will be stopped at the same time, and the Orin system will crash after shutting down the video development.
I have mentioned these two problems in the forum before, now we want to know the specific reasons, can you tell us what specific updates have been made in the rtcpu module?
Test parameter:
1、CPHY 4096X3072@30FPS , first 12 videos work well, 13th Orin crash
2、8192x6144@20fps use port-a &port-e —mapping to vi-0 , 62° No more image collection, CPU100% occupied, disable video access to the null pointer causes Orin to crash.
Replenishment; Use the same device tree and camera sensor driver source tests

Did you try argus_camera? The gst-launch-1.0 maybe occupied more CPU usage.

capture command:
v4l2-ctl -d /dev/videox --stream-mmap
The CPU usage is generally less than 10%.

Could you replace the r35.1.0 kernel Image to r35.3.1 to confirm if kernel driver regression.

You may need to modify the version in below file for boot successful.


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