Is there any way to upgrade tensorrt inside official docker container?


For example, I’m in official 22.12 docker. I want to upgrade TensorRT to like official 23.01 docker. Is there anyway except run another 23.01 docker?

I want to do this because since 23.01 docker, the cuda toolkit version is 12.0, which causes host with cuda driver 11.x incompatible. For example, I have a host with cuda driver 11.x, when I run into docker 23.01, the pytorch is not working and reports cuda incompatible error. Since this host machine is not my personal, I don’t have access to upgrade the cuda driver…

Hi ,
We recommend you to check the supported features from the below link.

You can refer below link for all the supported operators list.
For unsupported operators, you need to create a custom plugin to support the operation