Is there ARM support for Jetson TX2, please?


Just checking to see if there is ARM support for NVIDIA Jetson TX2, please.


Hi Erin,

We’ll have beta support for ARM here soon. Due to COVID-19, our release schedule may be disrupted so I can’t give you an exact time when it will be released, but it is coming.



Between now and then, is there a way to use gfortran with CUDA fortran and/or OpenACC, please?

Thank you,

Gfortran doesn’t support CUDA Fortran (only PGI and IBM’s XL compiler do) but does support OpenACC.

Though, in looking at GNU’s OpenACC webpage (, I see no mention of ARM, only x86_64. Not to say that they don’t support it on ARM, I just don’t know nor see any indication that they do.


Hi Mat:

How are you doing? Hope things are going as well as possible.

Any word on PGI ARM support, please? I’m sure I would have heard, but thought I would double check.

Thanks and take care,

All is well here. Just getting used to the work-from-home life-style.

All announcements are still in a holding pattern right now. Will update you as soon as I can.