PGI compiler for ARM


I am evaluating PGI compiler for openacc. I want to do it on ARM arch. It may be a jetson(ARM arch.) plateform from nvidia. My question is does PGI compiler support ARM architecture or not ??
If yes then please tell me how can have a trial version for evaluation.
I have found that Nvdia is providing openacc toolkit which is having a PGI base compiler but that does not support ARM or jetson plateform.


No PGI compilers for ARM at this time.
We have support for x86_64 and POWER, but not ARM.


Could PGI provide an update on AMR architecture support?

Still, just x86 and Power?


Pedro Diniz

Hi Pedro Diniz,

PGI is part of NVIDIA’s Tesla Business Unit and if Tesla devices ever become available on a ARM platform at some point in the future, then PGI will begin supporting ARM. Not to say that Telsa will become available on ARM, only if.

Although there’s interest from users like yourself, unfortunately, there’s simply not a business case for us to invest the huge amount of time and resources to porting to ARM until that time.