Is this a place for discussion of various SASS ISA's?

I’m starting to work on some fast compute kernels by coding at the SASS level. I have some CUDA C++ with some inline asm () and I compile with nvcc and then use cuobjdump to see what nvcc produced. I also have the KeplerAs code (on GitHub) to interpret the binary control codes and list them next to the actual sass instructions. Then I can tweak my sass instructions and their control codes and assemble it back to ISA binary.
I have found several astonishing things so far about the binary ISA code generated for my sm_35 GPU, and rather than raise questions about them here, I want to first ask if this forum is the right place for such a discussion, or if not, where can I discuss it with an expert.
My kernels are designed for certain often-used compute functions, and so if I can optimize them and make them available to other developers as subroutines, this would, IMHO, be a benefit to NVIDIA’s product sales. As such, I hope that if there aren’t developers out there who have figured these things out for themselves, then NVIDIA would offer me advice (at least privately if not in a public forum).
Thanks for any help.

I’m not aware of any “better” place to post such questions.

Regarding experts or expertise, the only way to find out is by asking. This is a community of folks with varying interests and varying levels of expertise.

I’m a little shy about asking detailed technical questions that might annoy people who conclude I’m just over my head and wasting the time of those nice members who make a point of reading all the posts and contributing what they can. I recently was working on a Windows 10 driver for myself, with little education in the field, and eventually that forum’s moderator asked me to cease and desist. I don’t want that to happen here.

With that caveat, I’d start off with my current questions in a separate topic.

If you’re polite I can pretty much guarantee that no one is going to tell you to cease and desist.

As long as you don’t mind a worst case scenario of radio silence on a question, I would say you have nothing to worry about.

I am glad you came forward with your question. It provides a breeze of fresh air compared to the average thread here.