Isaac Sim with ROS2 abnormal warning

Hi, I’m learning Isaac Sim and ROS 2 import tutorial now.

1. ROS2 Import and Drive TurtleBot3

I proceeded developed scene, active ROS2 extension and Action Graph as tutorial indication.
Finally, I opened 2 terminals and execute Isaac SIM project with turtle bot3.

I’m facing some issue below.

  1. cannot control turtle bot3 of driving using the keyboard by running:
    If using ROS2 terminal directory in the Gazebo, it is no problem control.

  2. If I save or execute this project, I can warning in the isaac terminal and Action Graph.

Would you please any advise me to resolve this issue?

Ubuntu 20.04 memory 32GB RTX3090 Driver Version: 515.43.04 CUDA Version: 11.7

I am using ros in isaac sim too, the extension of ros and ros2 are autoenabled , then the app stops showing all the windows when it starts, is there any conflicts between ros and ros2?a

  1. initializing ros node Initializing ROS node: cortex 2022-07-03 08:55:18 [10,827ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: WARNING: cannot load logging configuration file, logging is disabled
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Thank you for the comment.
In my setting ROS2 is only available to use.
And it is curious if saved file load and start, some action is disappear and disconnected.

Hi @mikaneda,

ROS and ROS2 bridge extensions cannot be enabled at the same time (due to conflicts). So you should only be able to enable one at a time. Since OmniGraph node settings are saved into your USD file, it will cause ROS2 nodes to disappear if you try to open your USD file with the ROS1 bridge enabled. Thus, it is necessary to enable the corresponding ROS bridge extension before opening a USD file.

If you enable the ROS2 bridge extension first before opening your USD file, does it work as intended?

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Good morning!
Thank you for the explain of symptom.
I think commented out all ROS1 setting in the bashrc.
Afterward I started IsaacSIM tutorial step by step.
Actually, ROS1 bridge extension is working with ROS2 extensions…

Yes I tried to enable the ROS2 bridge extension first. But it doesn’t work well without any alart.
I’ll try to check my setting accuracy or considering re-install all system.

Are ROS2 environment variables sourced in the same terminal as Isaac Sim?

For the ROS2 bridge, Isaac Sim runs a custom build of ROS2 Foxy internally so that it works properly with the Omniverse framework and Python 3. Due to this, sourcing your ROS2 installation in the terminal running Isaac Sim, or any standalone python scripts can cause issues during startup because of conflicting symbols.

If the ROS2 source command is added in bashrc, could you make sure that it is commented out before running Isaac Sim?

Hi Ayush_G

I commented out all source command.
But omni.usd warning message doesn’t stop.
Besides, 1.4.3 verify ROS connections is not available due to no path for local ROS2.

After comment out ROS2 sources in the .bashrc exclude other extra path.
keyboard control is working.
But still warning message is detected on the terminal.

Thanks Ayush_G , nvidiaAI,
Although detected warning, it looks no affect to work simulations.
I’ll try to set more function.

I’ve encountered the same issue.
I met a warning message spam.
“[Warning] [omni.usd] Warning: in SdfPath at line 97 of /buildAgent/work/ca6c508eae419cf8/USD/pxr/usd/sdf/path.cpp – Ill-formed SdfPath <>: syntax error”

I found out that if I make usePath uncheck in articulation controller, warning message spam disappear.

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Hi Sounds nice!
You can resolve the message spam; )

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