ROS2 actions issue with Isaac Sim

Hey, I’m trying to set up ROS2 actions and use them with Isaac Sim. I’m running into a weird issue where Isaac Sim fails during its bootup. I’m 90% sure that since I need to source some ROS2 actions package (sourcing the package with .action file) in the same terminal as the one that’s initiating the Isaac Sim, that’s causing some issues.

I just want to know if is there a workaround for this.


Just wanted to see if the developers have any updates on this.

Hi @karthik.ganesan1 - You can find about this more here in the attached doc link.

Hey, sure. So, the main reason I want to source the ros script in the same terminal as the Isaac sim, is I need some specific ROS action message type, which means I’d need to source those ROS actions package to make sure the Isaac sim code that uses those message type can be used correctly.

But I’m unable to do that, coz sourcing ROS in the same terminal as isaac-sim causes errors. This is fine for the most part of using ROS, but with ROS actions, if I’m creating my own custom message action, that needs to be sourced to be accessible, hence making this as a blocker.

Hi @karthik.ganesan1,

In our latest release of IsaacSim 2023.1.0, you are now able to source your ROS installation and ROS workspace in the same terminal as IsaacSim! We have tutorials for Custom Message Types. You can use python scripting or build a custom C++ Omnigraph node to setup ROS2 Actions.

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