iSER driver for ESXi 6.5 - Does it support ConnectX-3 or not

I saw your iSER driver release notes.

nmlx4-core is ESXi 6.5 inbox driver.

After install this iSER driver for ESXi 6.5, is there any more configuration needed?

Your guide show me a old ESXi 6.0 interface figure and old Global Pause switch configuration.

Do you have real world guide for RoCE v1 that on iSER Quick Guide on your site?

Best Regard,

Jae-Hoon Choi

Here are some links that will guide you through the proper installation & implimentation of iSER v1.0.0.1 along with EXSi 6.5 ConnectX-3/Pro Inbox Driver v3.16.0.0

  1. Inbox Drive v3.16.0.0 supports only CX-3/pro adapter
  2. the iSER driver supports all CX-3, CX-4 & CX-5 adapters
  3. iSER driver:
  1. as for Inbox driver: It is part of the esxi6.5 OS and can be revealed by running: # esxcli software vib list

Hope this helps