Issue for Recorded video with H265 encoder


I am recording video with nvv4l2h265 encoder in MKV and mts format. while playback reorded video mts frmat have no issue. but in mkv or mov format video is very noisey and fream is leggig.

please suggest the bitrate for mkv and mov format with h265 encoder.

H265 Video:
DHVAVSRD_23_Jan_2021_10_00_2400.mts (14.5 MB)
DHVAVSRD_23_Jan_2021_10_17_3100.mkv (13.8 MB)

For balance of video quality and bitrate, we suggest set CBR + virtual buffer size. Please refer to the pipelines in

And the default bitrate is 4Mbps. For 1080p30, you may try 12Mbps.