Issue related to Joints when attaching end-effector with revolute joint (screwdriver) to franka


I want to attach a screwdriver at the end effector of the franka arm. When separate, the screwdriver and franka arm work well. The screwdriver is able to rotate as desired.

However, when I place the screwdriver reference inside the franka payload, I get issues with regards to joints and articulation controller.

I have explained the situation in depth here → franka-sd-attached.mkv - Google Drive

USD files-> (784.7 KB)

I have tried multiple approaches but not able to solve this issue. It would be great if I could get some help.

I think the problem is that you are not doing a correct physics reference - connection between the Franka and the Screwdriver.
Please see attached video:

So what I think you should do is:

  1. Select the bodies you want to connect
  2. Create->Physics->Joint->Fixed
  3. Move your screwdriver where you need it
  4. Reset the fixed joint local pose (this is needed since you need the poses to be aligned)

Then the joints will be correctly created and your action graph will work fine.
Please give it a shot, regards

Thanks. It works.

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