issue to call C function that accept pointer to device data

I have a C function that accept a pointer, which is supposed to point to data on device memory

int c_foo_func (int * arr, int size) {
   //call kernel to process arr


Now, I want to call this function from Fortran. It’s trivial to declare the interface

  integer(c_int) function c_foo_func(arr, size) bind(c)
     integer(c_int) :: arr
     integer(c_int), value :: arr
  end function
end interface

However, an issue arise when I try to call and pass a device pointer to the function

integer, device, dimension(:), allocatable :: arr_d
integer :: size  = 100
x = c_foo_fuc(arr_d, size)

I always get the error type mismatch for the first argument of c_foo_func.

How could the issue be resolved?


I think I found the solution

REAL(c_double), device :: arr(*)