Issue with CUDA in WSL2 after updating Windows GPU driver

I am experiencing issues with CUDA in WSL2 after updating my Windows GPU driver.
Before the update, YOLOv4 (Darknet) was able to recognize objects without issue. However, after updating the GPU driver, I encountered the “CUDA Error: CUDA driver is a stub library” message when trying to run the same YOLOv4 program. When I input the “nvidia-smi” command, the CUDA version went from 12.1 to “ERR!”. I have already tried re-installing CUDA 11.8 and cuDNN 8.1.The following are the version numbers for my software:

  • Windows: 11 22H2
  • CUDA: 11.8
  • cuDNN: 8.1
  • WSL2: Ubuntu-22.04
  • GPU driver: 531.29 to 531.41

Any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Thank you.