WSL Preview Driver Install Error

Hey Guys,

i’m currently trying to accelerate my gpu cuda power in my Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, so installed the Windows Insider Build and upgraded my WSL successfully.

But i keep getting the following errors, as i’m trying to install the required driver for using the gpu inside the WSL:
“driver not compatible with windows version…”
“driver not compatible with graphics hardware…”

I didnt find any requirements regarding the driver in the documentations, but maybe my hardware is just not compatible, but the windows version concerns me, here is my config:

WinVersionBuild: Version 2004, Build 20190
NVidia Driver: WLS 2 Preview 455.41
GPU: GeForce MX350

Looking for your help!

Best Regards,

So i found a solution today on my own, basically you have to brute force install the driver and it works just fine!

Giving you the quick overview, how to do it:

  1. Start the normal driver installation and let the .exe extract the driver files

  2. In your device manager, try to update your current driver, and choose to search for local driver files

  3. Choose the option to search for driver files in a list of driver files

  4. Search for the extracted driver files on your computer and install the driver

Hopefull this helps anyone, just as clueless i was.

With the setup under the following link, i was now able to setup my wsl2 accelerated cuda container.