Page Not Found NVIDIA Drivers for CUDA on WSL

I want to install cuda driver for linux in windows 10 but I no longer see driver release on this page, where should I find it?? Thank you

“NVIDIA will no longer host any preview driver for WSL2 on developer zone. Developers on the Windows Insider Program may continue to receive bleeding edge driver with bug fixes and improvements through Windows Update.”

Actually driver R515.36 has already been released

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OW! Thanks for the support, I will update windows. @-@

Does that mean Windows 10 users should keep the old WSL-enabled driver for it to work, or we can also upgrade to the latest official driver (e.g. with GeForce Experience) since it’s out of beta? The user guide apparently hasn’t updated about Windows 10, because WSLg support is already included in Windows 10 21H2 update but it still asks Windows 10 users to sign up for Windows insiders program to get this feature.