Where is nivida ( CUDA ?) specific driver for Ubuntu 20.04 WSL2?

Ubuntu WSL2 can use many protocol like rdp, vnc …and Xserver protocol ( Ubuntu the client , microsoft the server) .
I read that Ubuntu support nvidia driver protocol ( Ubuntu the client , Microsoft the server ) . Where i can find the driver that i can install on Ubuntu 20.04 WSL2 and Microsoft Windows 10 21H2 cobalt ? My GPU is CUDA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750i (5.0) . In 2021 , we need to install the nvidia driver under Ubuntu and now 2022 : we need Windows 11 and install nvidia WSL2 Driver only on windows 11 !! …so no windows 10 driver ? on NVidia driver website i don’t see WSL2 information in download type only GRD ( Game ready Driver) and SD ( Studio Driver not WSL2 driver ) . On a old Website ( 21 june 2021) about howto install a CUDA driver for Ubuntu 20.4 , the driver was available ( see the link and the capture screen ) !!!


All our new Windows Display Drivers come with WSL2 support included. You do not need anything special anymore. Simply make sure your Windows Display Driver is up to date: Official Drivers | NVIDIA , and CUDA on WSL should work :).

No need to install a Native Linux Driver in WSL or a Special Windows Driver.