Issue with execute_command_line


The following code compiles with GCC, NAG and Intel, but not with PGI 15.7.

subroutine my_system(cmd,err)
    implicit none
    character(len=*), intent(in) :: cmd
    integer, intent(out) :: err

    call execute_command_line(cmd, exitstat=err)
end subroutine my_system

PGI produces this error message.

PGF90-S-0079-Keyword form of argument illegal in this context for exitstat

The gfortran documentation indicates that this form is allowed.

What’s up here?


Hi Paul,

We’re still in the process of adding F2008 features. While “execute_command_line” is in development, it is not currently supported in a released compiler. Available F2008 features are listed in the PGI Release Notes:

Best Regards,


that is really disappointing. I have to say, using the PGI compiler requires a lot of workarounds to accomplish simple tasks.