Issues of 2080ti on Win10

I use 2080ti to train with tensorflow, but there are several problems.

  1. I cannot open “Nvidia Control Panel” on desktop. Click and no response.
  2. When I run tf.Session(), it shows there is 9.03GB free memory. But I can see at least 10.5GB free memory with task manager, nvidia-smi and GPU-Z
  3. When I run tf.Session(), sometimes it cannot detect GPU and uses CPU instead. At the same time my screen flashes. But when I run tf.Session() shortly after that, it may detect GPU this time.

Driver 418.81
CUDA 10.1
CUDNN 7.4.2
tensorflow-gpu 1.13rc0
windows 10 1809
python 3.6.8

I’ve been having all sorts of similiar problems on Linux.

For me it feels like, NVIDIA rolled out a product without making it work with the world.