Jetbot Camera sensor in simulation

I want to use the camera on JetBot to gather information from a simulated environment. Where can I find tutorials for this?

@nick222446 i am just a fellow user, without knowing more about the specific, i could only point you to the doc on the subject of camera sensors:

Adding Sensors — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation (

Hello, my previous explanation may not have been detailed enough. I’ve also looked at the relevant example. I tried to execute this example and understand its code logic. My understanding of this code is that it assigns a downward linear velocity to cub_3, then captures the 2D coordinates of this cube through the camera, converts these 2D coordinates into 3D coordinates, prints them out, and finally plots them. However, how should I interpret the numerical values printed below?

The following is the content printed out in the Python terminal. I don’t quite understand because above, there are only print(points_2d) and print(points_3d) . According to the definition of points_2d , shouldn’t it just be the x-coordinate positions of cube_2 and cub_3 in the simulated world? I’m not quite clear about the source of the code for this camera matrix in the terminal.