Don't see the camera CAD model in the JetBot example


I am running the latest isaac docker ( and I have downloaded the latest isaac-sim assets (isaac-sim-assets-2020.2.2.1106). When I went through the tutorial about Jetbot, I cannot see a physical camera CAD model attached to the robot in viewpoint. How can I turn on the visualization of the camera?

And the newly created directed light is not moving with the robot even though I draged it into “chassis”.

There is a warning shown in the terminal:

[Warning] [omni.client.plugin]  Main: usd_plugin: Selected hydra renderer doesn't support prim type 'Camera


You can turn on the visualization of the camera in the Perspective icon as shown in figure 1. Also, to visualize the “grey camera” model, select Show by Type > Cameras in the eye icon as shown in figure 2.

About the moving light, this post can help:

Figure 1

Figure 2