Light not following the UR10 movement. How to add light correctly?

The light in sortbot_sim.usd is working fine. It follow the UR10 when moving the join in Simulation

but when opened up ur10.usd I create the light. I saw the light icon is moving but the light and shadow remain at the same place as the light not following.


I have been doing some test and I have the next non-absolute and non-infallible conclusion that can be help:

To create a moving light attached to an object there must be a primitive of type Camera that shares a common XForm with it

The next image shows some evidence about it…

Notes about the previous tests:
  • The short_gripper and long_gripper used have a Camera primitive in their descriptions (Isaac\Robots\UR10\Props)

  • The moving light in the Kaya Joystick sample doesn’t work in the original version (but it should work according to the documentation), but it works when a Camera is included in the same XForm (base_link)

    To test the Kaya Joystick sample (moving the robot) without a joystick the next code added inside the function _on_editor_step in /isaac-sim/_build/linux-x86_64/release/exts/omni.isaac.samples/omni/isaac/samples/scripts/ line 125 can be help

    self._on_event_fn(1, 0.2)
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It work with camera here. bug maybe, but how the sample sortbot_sim.usd working? maybe author using other USD editor i guess.

but not work with XForm

and Thank you very much!


In the “sortbot_sim.usd” sample the robot has a gripper (long_gripper) with includes a Camera primitive by default, that is the reason why it works… I guess

Btw, you can toggle the visibility of the Camera primitive (if you don’t want to see the camera) and the moving light will still work

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