Jetbot example model doesn't load

We built a Jetbot according the instructions. Up to example 3 “collision avoidance” everything works. Example 4 “object following” can’t load the model.

This is with the latest software setup using

We note that there are 2 engines listed, both have the same name ssd_mobilenet_v2_coco.engine but different URLS to download from. We used the one for SD version v0.4 (latest) to match the above.

However neither of these works with the SD image v0.4

We also noted that there is a new version of notebooks as well, with the latest notebook having added a fifth example “road following”.

Using original notebooks or new ones also didn’t make a difference. Finally, letting automatic updates run on the SD image also didn’t fix it.

Any ideas why the unmodified example on the original SD image doesn’t work on a standard Jetbot ?

Never mind, found some corruption of the files on the SD and after reflashing a new SD image the model loads and we’re past this roadblock.