JetPack 4.4 Start of frame Timestamp to monotonic raw

I’m porting a camera application from JP 4.5 to JP 4.4.1 so I can deploy it to Jetson AGX devices that are already sent to users and cannot be reflashed with newer versions.

On JP4.5 I was using SoF tsc to convert frame timestamp to Monotonic Raw. However on JP 4.4.1 I have only access to captMetaData->getSensorTimestamp();

I tried using the relation: monotonic_raw = - offset_ns
However testing on a couple of devices I got time difference from 10 to over 30 seconds! Also the value change after a restart.

Some data I’ve collected:

monotonic raw when processing the frame: 3816622730240ns
sensor timestamp: 3816660659000ns
offset-ns: 10791871936ns

Frame timestamp (SensorTimestamp - offset-ns) = 246242ms
Time stamp when I received the frame in the code = 257008ms
Timestamp from internal clock displayed on the screen when capturing the frame = 256834ms
From these I calculate:

  1. there are 174ms delay from starting the camera capture, to the image arriving in the application;
  2. There are 10592ms (10 seconds) of mismatch between actual and calculated start of frame timestamps

I’ll be happy to try and suggestions to solve this issue. Thanks

hello georgi.dunchev1,

instead of back porting the driver to earlier release version, how about Over-The-Air Updates to upgrade devices in the field.

BTW, please see-also Topic 159220 for comment #8 and #9 of the samples to get TSC HW timestamp.

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