JetPack 4.5.1 and nVME / SSD flash

Per 4.5 release post, ( JetPack 4.5 Production Release with L4T 32.5 ) it supports “New way of Falshing” to nVME.

Would like to find out if anyone has success flashing an internal SSD to Xavier AGX.

I think this is supported on Nano with R32.5, and I think I’ve read support for Xavier will come in a next release.
For now, you may use mmc for early boot and use extlinux.conf from there for booting linux kernel with NVME rootfs.

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The section you posted is not supported on Xavier/NX because the cboot on rel-32.5 does not support NVMe. Need to wait for rel-32.6.

My post here explains the difference between “boot from” and “mount file system”.

Mounting file system supports on every rel-32 based platform. If kernel is able to read your nvme drive after boots up, then it can mount the file system from it. However, cboot does not.

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