JetPack 4 Reaches End of Life

For the past five years, JetPack 4 has been the driving force behind the success of numerous NVIDIA Jetson based products. Earlier this year, Kernel 4.9 and Ubuntu 18.04 which Jetpack 4 is based on, reached their End of Life. But we continued to roll out regular JetPack 4 updates with security patches and critical bug fixes.

As we look ahead, we are targeting final release of Jetpack 4 in Q1 2024, marking its End of Life. For continued Kernel maintenance on JetPack 4 beyond EOL, we encourage you to leverage the expertise of our ecosystem partners and reach out to TimeSys and Codethink. For products based on Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier modules, we recommend transitioning to JetPack 5, ensuring seamless continuity of support.

In line with our earlier announcement this year, we’ve been channeling our efforts into integrating Jetson changes into the upstream Linux Kernel. JetPack 6, slated Nov-end 2023, will be based on an upstream kernel 5.15 and will be complemented by a small set of out-of-tree patches. This will empower Jetson developers with the freedom to choose their preferred Kernel version (any version beyond Kernel 5.15) and foster collaborations with diverse Linux distributions, broadening the spectrum of distro choices for the Jetson community.