JetPack 6.0 Developer Preview - Release Announcement

We are very pleased to announce the release of JetPack 6.0 Developer Preview (DP). JetPack 6 comes with an updated LTS Kernel 5.15 and Ubuntu 22.04 based root file system. JetPack 6 also brings in new capabilities not possible before on the NVIDIA Jetson platform for edge AI and robotics, including:

  • Flexibility to Bring Your Own Kernel: Our commitment to upstreaming Jetson changes to upstream Linux Kernel has now made it possible to bring the latest Linux Kernel on Jetson. We have provided a recipe to bring your own Kernel in our Jetson Linux Documentation. Stay tuned for further enhancements to the recipe that will make it even simpler to use moving forward.
  • Greater Choices of Linux Based Distros: Our upstreaming effort has also now enabled other Linux-based distributions to offer their operating systems on Jetson. Though Jetson Linux is the out-of-the-box Ubuntu-based distro packaged in JetPack, a number of Linux-based distributions are available from our partners. Please check the JetPack 6 Developer Preview page for details.
  • Upgradable Compute Stack: We are targeting new capabilities that will provide the flexibility to upgrade the AI compute stack and bring the latest versions without upgrading the Jetson Linux BSP. Planned for release in March 2024, this will allow AI developers to upgrade to the latest compute stack without needing to upgrade the whole JetPack. Along with the above novel features, JetPack 6 Developer Preview also packages NVIDIA Cuda 12.2,TensorRT 8.6,2, cuDNN 8.9.4 and VPI 3.0.

Visit the JetPack 6 Developer Preview page and Jetson Linux page to learn how to easily install JetPack 6.

Please Note that OTA features are not supported in this release. Please do not try to apt upgrade to JetPack 6 Developer Preview release

Please note that the JetPack 6.0 DP is a developer preview release and not intended for production. It is ready for starting your development on Jetson Orin with JetPack 6 software stack. This release does not include any security features or OTA features. The production quality release of JetPack 6.0 is targeted for March 2024 and will include security and OTA features along with production quality stack. Please carefully read the release notes of JetPack 6.0 Developer Preview for known issues and other details.

JetPack 6 Components:

  • Jetson Linux 36.2
  • CUDA 12.2
  • TensorRT 8.6.2
  • cuDNN 8.9.4
  • VPI 3.0
  • Vulkan 1.3
  • Nsight Systems 2023.4
  • Nsight Graphics 2023.3

JetPack 6 Resources:


Jetson containers are live now:

CUDA (Runtime and Devel) : NVIDIA L4T CUDA | NVIDIA NGC
Tensorrt (Runtime and Devel):
Tensorflow: TensorFlow | NVIDIA NGC (use the tag: 23.11-tf2-py3-igpu)
Pytorch: PyTorch | NVIDIA NGC (use the tag: 23.11-py3-igpu)

Update: JetPack 6 GA release has been pushed out to first week of May due to some regressions and last minute bugs.

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