JetPack 6.0 Developer Preview - Release Announcement

You have to install using sd-card!

Cuda 12.4 is out compatible with Jetson! Amazing :)

Is there an Jetson AGX Orin devkit image for the SD card flashing? Could not find it.

I tried this, as well as some other variations. I still cannot get the Jetson into developer mode. Anyone else have ideas?

Will you be able to upgrade to the official release once its released from the DP? I’m still using 5.1.x and want to upgrade to 6.x. But if I have to reinstall it again after the (imminent?) release, I might want to wait.
Edit: I guess this means no upgrade to Production release:

Any news on the release date?

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Is the JetPack 6.0 stable release still planned for March 2024, so this week?

2nd week of April

Last version of sdk manager with jetpack 6 is broken when I try to reflash jetson agx developer kit. (186.4 KB)

Johnny, is 2nd week of April your guess, or have heard something specific?

sdkmanager doesn’t work on other architectures besides amd64/x86-64 and doesn’t work in a VM. You really need an Ubuntu machine on physical PC hardware. Can be a small NUC.

@suhash According to the following roadmap, JetPack 6.0 release is scheduled for March.

Please provide the the latest schedule. Because, user can not make a plan to use JetPack 6.0.

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It was delayed to the 2nd week of April.

JetPack 6.0 DP lacks the ‘kernel overlay’ feature that was present in previous JetPack series, and that was necessary to build a monolithic kernel (with all the needed drivers built-in) despite the presence of out-of-tree sources (nvidia and nvgpu).

Will the ‘kernel overlay’ feature come back in the Jetpack 6.0 release ?

There are no current plans to support the ‘kernel overlay’ feature for JetPack 6.0. Building the drivers as out-of-tree modules allows greater flexibility for working with different Linux kernels.

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Opinions may differ :) I find it more convenient to keep in my linux config file the list of the drivers I need for my target, compile only those drivers and produce a single Image file containing all the needed drivers. Compilation is faster, there is no risk of module/kernel mismatch and management of backups is easier.

I am having similar issue with the Orin Nano Dev Kit, I am also waiting for the production ready release for Jetpack 6 in hopes that will fix the issue.

@dandelion1124 JetPack 6.0 GA is scheduled for April 17th. We are actively working of fixing some last few issues.


Can you dump the uart log while flashing?

See section “USB micro-B for Debug UART”