Jetson AGX drivers

Hello, this question might be kind of redundant but for some reason I’m not sure and wanted to double-check. Are there driver updates for the Xavier like there are, for example, for the RTX series graphics cards on other plaforms, and if so how does the driver update process work or do the drivers come by default with the installation of JetPack and there is nothing more that I should worry about?

It is a normal update. You’ll find that Ubuntu packages tend to update sometimes. What differs is that Jetsons have a strong dependency for certain software, including GPU driver and anything dependent upon GPU driver. This will only update if you go to a new release. The reason is that the GPU is an integrated GPU directly wired to the memory controller, and you cannot use any of the traditional downloadable drivers for this. Those drivers are for discrete GPUs on a PCI bus. Since the only way to update one of those drivers for the iGPU is through a fully system upgrade you won’t ever see those change version during normal update.

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