Updating AGX Xavier without "sdk manager" (OLD: Xavier NX sdcard image on Xavier AGX)

Hello! What exactly is the difference between NX and AGX bootstrap-wise? Why the “downloads” section only lists an image for NX? Can one use the same image on AGX? How does one upgrade jetpack e.g. 4.3 -> 5.0 without the “sdk manager”?

Only Xavier NX and Nano have sdcard image, other platforms do not have.

The device tree for each platforms are also different, so directly using sdcard image from A platform to B platform will not be able to boot up.

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And currently there is no other method to upgrade from jp4.x to jp5.0 without using sdkm.

I see. I’d like then to notify nvidia support that an alternative means of upgrading jetson are needed. NVidia is selling a physical device, and filling in web forms with personal data and re-packaging non-cross-platform gui apps shouldn’t be a requirement to use one

The OTA update will be supported later. That was why I said “currently” in previous comment.

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