Jetson AGX Orin unreal engin vulkan problem

Hi again @sag.ibrahim,

Thank you for your understanding.

I think at this point we do have enough data to go on to look deeper into what might be wrong and I opened an internal issue to track this. I cannot give any promise on how fast an engineer will be assigned, so I kindly ask for a bit patience until we resolve this.


Thanks @MarkusHoHo!

I have no idea about the timeframe for such an operation, would it be reasonable to ask for an update about now?

Hi sag.ibrahim,

it is reasonable, don’t worry. I do see regular updates on the issue tracker internally, so there is progress, but so far no conclusion. I know from the outside it seems as simple as setting a flag that advertises the extension or not, but given the diversity of Hardware and Jetpack version combinations it is not quite that straight-forward.

I hope to have more details soon.


Glad to hear it @MarkusHoHo and much thanks for details!

Have a nice day!

Any updates? Lots of us have been trying to get Unreal working so we can run robotics simulations on the Jetson AGX 64gb.

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@MarkusHoHo is it time for an update?

We’re running into the same issue trying to run Unreal on the AGX Orin. I’m wondering if there are any updates.

Hello @shg8, welcome to the Unreal on Jetson AGX thread and the NVIDIA developer forums.

We do have a fix for the issue as far as I can tell from the internal bug tracker. Now it remains to go through QA and be assigned a specific release version of Jetpack.


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This is incredible news!!!

We’ve been waiting in this for awhile!!

Thank you for the update. Would you kindly give us a ping here when the fix is shipped?

Certainly, I’ll do my best!